Embark on an exciting learning journey with Club Tangaza's diverse array of courses designed for kids, teens, and beginners.

🚀 Coding for Kids:
Unleash creativity through gamified interactive coding and robotics activities tailored for young learners aged 7-9.
💻 Website Development:
Dive into the fundamentals of creating web pages and projects, laying the groundwork for future tech enthusiasts. learners aged 10 & above
📱 Mobile App Development:
Explore the fascinating world of app creation, empowering teens to build and design their own mobile applications. learners aged 13 & above
🎨 Graphics Design:
Ignite artistic flair with graphics design projects and visual storytelling challenges. learners aged 7 & above
🤔 Design Thinking:
Cultivate problem-solving skills through design thinking, fostering innovation and creativity. learners aged 7 & above
👩‍💻 Technical Leadership and Life Skills:
Develop leadership qualities and teamwork in a tech-centric environment, guiding teenagers toward becoming future tech leaders. learners aged 7 & above